Inter-Excel Tourism Academy (IETA) established itself as a language and training centre in 1993. It quickly gained popularity by seeing through the birth of the first Flight Attendant Preparatory Course (FAPC) and the European Diploma in International Travel Industry Studies in Asia Pacific.

The quality of our students garnered the attention of major airlines such as Singapore Airlines, Malaysian Airlines, Oman Air and JetStar Asia and propelled IETA to become a leading trusted brand in cabin crew training and placements across Asia.

Due to our rapid expansion into the many facets of the airline industry, training courses are offered through IETA to give focus to the requirements of this rapidly growing industry.

Inter Excel
The Inter Excel Tourism Academy Experience
10 Top Reasons Why You Should Be A Cabin Crew
  • Top Attractive Salary(up to RM15,000 per month)
  • Opportunities to Travel around the World for Free
  • Option to Further Study While Working
  • Learning & Development Opportunities
  • Free Tickets and Discounted Travel
  • Master the Art of Customer Service/ life skills
  • Make Global Friendship
  • Annual Leave of 26-36 days
  • Attractive Insurance & Medical Benefits
  • Excellent Career Progression
Trainer Profile
  • Karen Lewis
    Karen began her colorful flying career with Malaysia Airlines in 1986.Having worked with MAS for nine and a half years, she was trained on various aircrafts and was also seconded to World Airways' DC10 where she worked alongside the America crew. Before leaving MAS she held the Leading Stewardess position.She then joined British Airways in 1995 as a Cabin Crew and was promoted to Senior Cabin Crew in 1998, where she was responsible for team management, assisting with flight scheduling, liaising directly with headquarters in London and participating in cabin crew recruitment exercises (as a panel interviewer).Karen is one of our most decorated trainers since 2009, where her key area of focus are on airline interview processes & procedures, in-flight announcements, public speaking, grooming & deportment, mock interview exercises and assessment on individual performance.
  • Roslan Ahmad
    With a Masters of Education from the Open University Malaysia (OUM) and a Diploma in Teaching of English for Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL), Roslan is incidentally the Head of Inter-Excel's Training programmes.In the year 1989, he joined Singapore Airlines (SIA) as a flight attendant and was promoted to become a Leading Steward after only three and a half years of service. After serving Singapore Airlines for 8 years, he commenced his career as an educator teaching English at a reknowned language center.With his experience as a former cabin crew of a 5-star airline and a former principal of a language training center, he provides an abundance of quality training methods to shape aspiring airline professionals.
  • Sharon Oh
    Sharon embarked on an illustrious career with Malaysia Airlines in 1991 after completing her Diploma in Excel Secretarialship in 1989.Through her training at Malaysia Airlines Academy, becoming a certified cabin crew. She simultaneously pursued a Diploma in Cosmetic Artistry and Bridal Hair Design. A dedicated and decorated cabin crew wit MAS for 14 years, her last position was a Leading Stewardess in 2015.As a Leading Stewardess, she was responsible for managing her subordinates as well as assisting with flight scheduling. She has been a trainer with Inter-Excel since 1999, where she contributes her strengths in aspects of Grooming and Department as well as Character Building.
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